Niki Siu is currently studying Bachelor of Art in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong. She has been devoted to pursuing knowledge in relevant fields during her study. Niki also transformed herself into a better-rounded individual while receiving her tertiary education, exploring more on various facets of art practice such as filming, photography, installation, and programming. Her artworks showcase her artistic style, coupled with the knowledge acquired in recent years.

Niki is passionate on art direction. In 2022, she joined a program named State Alchemist with her friends. Being a part of the meaningful programme, she assisted a postgraduate student to decorate scenes and locations. Regularly exposed to such kind of art-related work experience, she has been accumulating her experience in the field of art direction.

Niki is also talented in graphic design. With numerous artworks created with digital graphics, she is proficient in using Adobe Illustrator, an essential software for her final year project. She drew a lot of sketches and diagrams to convey her ideas.

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